About Us

Welcome to JL Schwieters Building Supply and Construction, Inc. Please review the many opportunities we have to offer whether you are interested in employment or being a customer.

I am John H. Schwieters, President/Owner.

JL Schwieters, founded in 1980, has gained a reputation as the leader in the wood framing business.

Our customers, like us, believe in the continuous improvement of the process.

As we continue in our study, we have developed a process which has been registered and trademarked as the NexSTEP Systemâ„¢.

As we integrate the best software and equipment, we ensure not only quality but a consistent end product time and time again.

JL Schwieters' commitment to quality has been the basis for steady growth for more than 20 years. In 1980, JL Schwieters began conventional framing with a small number of employees. Today, we have the Greater Metropolitan's most professional staff members specializing in all areas of manufacturing for construction.

Please take a moment and look through our website and we will show you what we believe is the NexSTEP in home building.

Thank you for visiting our website,
John H. Schwieters