JL Schwieters Building Supply and Construction, Inc. is committed to the safety and health of our employees and the general public. Effective communication with our employees, our builders, and OSHA is the foundation on which our Safety Program was built.

Our established Safety and Health Program is designed to comply with OSHA regulations, builder requirements, and ultimately, to create a safer, more enjoyable work environment.

Training is an integral part of Safety. Here are a few of the training classes available to employees of JL Schwieters Building Supply and Construction, Inc.

  • Pre-employment Safety Training 
    • Prior to starting work each employee participates in Safety Training. This training covers OSHA requirements, rights and responsibilities, and JL Schwieters policies. For entry level employees, Hands on Training is available. This training is geared towards initiating employees who are just starting their career in carpentry with the tools and skills needed for a successful career
  • Rough Terrain Forklift Operator Training 
    • JL Schwieters offers the most comprehensive Forklift Operator Training in the industry. All forklift training is conducted at Schwieters Construction Park, and includes classroom as well as hands on training/operation.
  • Powered Industrial Truck Operator Training 
    • As JL Schwieters' Manufacturing Division grows, so does our need for qualified and trained forklift operators. This program includes classroom and hands on training.
  • Field Manager Safety Training 
    • All Field Managers (and Field Managers in training) are required to attend Field Manager Safety Training at least monthly. This training is specifically designed to address the many requirements of OSHA and JL Schwieters' Safety Program
  • Fleet Driver Safety 
    • Defensive driving is one example of Driver Safety Training offered to our drivers.
  • First Aid/CPR training and certification class 
    • First Aid and CPR training is offered through JL Schwieters and is conducted at Schwieters Construction Park.

If you have any questions regarding JL Schwieters Safety Program, please contact the Safety Director,
Kyle Shufelt at 651-762-1110